Have you seen some spinning wheels lately? 

Or maybe you remember some Trojan horses?

Or what about a piggy that was always hungry?

Well, looks like you discovered some of our Mini-Games!

What are Mini-Games?

A mini-game is a short interactive game that is integrated within Wild Joker Casino itself. It can be short and simple or contains different levels that players need to reach.

Why play Mini-Games?

Mini-Games are extra winning opportunities for players at Wild Joker Casino. You can win free spins, exclusive deposit bonuses, free money and more when completing each mini-game or level in a mini-game.

Mini-Games also add an extra fun avenue for players to relax and enjoy while increasing their wins.

What types of Mini-Games can you Play?

All mini-games are different and unique in their own way. Some of the mini-games that you can play at Wild Joker Casino include Wheels of Fortune, Building Games, Find the Mystery Object Games and more.

Each mini-game comes with an introduction to guide you on what to do and how it works before you start playing. 

Now that you know everything that needs to know about mini-games, get ready to play the next one when it comes live at Wild Joker Casino

Keep an eye on your emails and visit us daily to know when the next mini-game is up!

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